WILDJAM boutique launched in Mar, 2014.

Merging global fashion trends and histories, WILDJAM Boutique gathers talented brands worldwide to create diverse, artistic daily looks for modern women.

Nowadays, all modern women need wider selections in their wardrobes to fit into their varied roles: being an embracing mother, thoughtful wife or professional career woman.

WILDJAM Boutique caters to all of these needs by creating international, fresh, and artistic shopping experiences for every woman living in modern society.

Our range of brands at WILDJAM Boutique breaks stereotypes by being sweet, playful and yet adventurous.

We are frequently collaborating with designers and artists to provide our customers with exclusive collections and exhibitions.

WILDJAM BOUTIQUE 野菓酱 成立于2014年,是一家以“ CASUAL CHIC ”为核心风格的设计师品牌集合店。

WILDJAM BOUTIQUE 野菓酱 独立店铺位于奢华私密的上海古北商圈。由专业的买手团队精心挑选了来自世界各地的高品质设计师品牌,为高端顾客提供最舒适时髦的日常生活造型与家居生活用品。