UJOH was established in 2009 by the designer, Mitsuru Nishizaki who worked for Y’s and Yohji Yamamoto as a pattern cutter for seven years. UJOH has participated in Tokyo Collection since 2014 S/S. Its creation with the point of view as a pattern cutter brings out logical design with exquisite balance in terms of using fabrics, such as essential tailoring and bold cutting.

In September 2015 Nishizaki was selected as one of the new emerging international designers to take part into the Fashion Hub Market project by Italian Fashion Chamber and received the award DHL designers during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Tokyo. He also participated as a finalist to the Who is on Next? DUBAI 2015 competition, sponsored by Vogue ITALY. In 2016 he received a young designer support by Giorgio Armani and held a show during the Milan Fashion Week. 2017-19 Participated in Milan Fashion Week. 2020 Hold a show during Paris Fashion Week.

2009年 UJOH 由日本设计师西崎暢(Mitsuru Nishizaki)创立。西崎暢曾在Y’s 和 Yohji Yamamoto 品牌担任设计和打版工作长达7年时间。这段经历带给了西崎暢对服装更深入的理解,从剪裁的角度重新审视每一个款式。2016年 UJOH 受邀参加米兰时装周,并从此成为了米兰时装周常驻的日本设计师品牌。2020年 UJOH 将秀场搬到了巴黎,再次在世界的舞台展示了年轻日本独立设计师品牌的无限魅力。