Founded by Juliette Harkness and Emma Nelson in 2016, Deiji Studios is for the movement state, offering low-key luxury and the comfort of lounge while out in the world.
We believe Deiji is all encompassing; free and independent to create your own life experiences in comfort.

We are not driven by trend or profit, we are driven by social purpose and the pursuit of an innate sense of style that defies age and time. In this model we believe our customers will have a product they can continue to work into their existing wardrobe and wear for years to come.

Since the beginning of Deiji Studios in 2016, sustainability and social conscience have been considered integral to every facet of our company. In 2020 we partnered with Carbon Positive Australia to offset our entire carbon usage, and in 2022 donations now exceed the carbon used. Is it our mission to continue to offset all future carbon usage and work towards zero-waste in our manufacturing process, refining all design elements to be recycled and biodegradable.
We continue to learn and evolve, finding better practices as we grow. Thank you for joining us as we learn to make a positive impact for a more sustainable future.

DEIJI STUDIOS 诞生于2016年澳大利亚,以舒适的亚麻家居系列起家,从床品开始逐渐延展至睡衣,家居套装,成衣系列。创始人Juliette Harkness 和 Emma Nelson 力致打造出一个从容、轻松和慵懒的系列,从白天到夜晚,从外出到家居,时时刻刻都可以穿着的品牌。

同时, DEIJI STUDIOS 积极响应和参与时尚行业的环保主题,是  1% for the plane 的成员之一。在生产和制造的过程中,DEIJI STUDIOS 尽可能的减少碳排放,在过程中实现零废物,并力求所有的衣物都使用可回收或可生物降解的材料。